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Urgent: 23 dogs are in need

We are in need of donations to get 23 dogs out of a hoarding situation in Alabama. Costs to vet and board these dogs will run $4,000–$6,000, assuming none of these pups have any serious illnesses or conditions. We have already rescued the momma dog and 3 tiny puppies. We need to raise the funds to rescue the remaining dogs.

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Gracie needs some help

This sweet girl was rescued in Alabama and found her forever home here in Vermont. Since her arrival a cancerous tumor was found on her kidney and she needs surgery to remove it.

For the Love of Dogs/Vermont Dog Rescue is seeking donations to cover the surgery which will cost $3,000-$4,000.

Gracie is a loving young dog with many more years left in her.

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Each year, FLD / Vermont Dog Rescue transports hundreds of dogs to New England from high-kill shelters in NYC, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia. Choose to adopt your next dog rather than buying your dog from a puppy mill or breeder.

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FLD / Vermont Dog Rescue is a shelterless rescue. We rely on volunteers and foster families to provide short- and long-term care and rehabilitation for our rescues until they can be placed with their forever families. 

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Every gift, large or small, helps FLD / Vermont Dog Rescue meet its goal of rescuing and supporting dogs currently in high-kill shelters in the south.

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For the Love of Dogs / Vermont Dog Rescue is committed to rescuing and rehoming dogs from Vermont, Virginia, New York, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. FLD / Vermont Dog Rescue works to educate and raise awareness of dog rescue in these areas.


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